About CCTC

Founded in 1985, China Circuit Technology (Shantou) Corporation (hereinafter referred to as CCTC) is a joint venture specializing in manufacturing double-sided, multilayer, high layer HDI, and any layer HDI printed circuit boards (PCBs). CCTC owns a complete set of up-to-date PCB equipment, excellent technical personnel, modernized management mechanism and worldwide marketing network, which promptly, accurately and efficiently provide satisfactory products and services for our customers and partners. With the present production capacity of 1,300,000 m2 (13,993,080 square feet), CCTC has obtained the certifications of UL, ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO13485 and ISO14001. All of its products comply with IPC, IEC and American MIL standards. CCTC products have been exported to North America, Europe, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and elsewhere.



Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Solidarity & Dedication
Trustworthiness & Devotion
Practicality & Efficiency
Developing & Enterprising

Company Objective
Satisfaction of Customers and Partners, Satisfaction of Employees, Satisfaction of Investors, Satisfaction of Society






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